The coolest album covers: what they were

When it comes to music, the album cover can be just as important as the actual songs themselves. A cool album cover can capture the attention of a potential listener and entice them to give the music a chance. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the coolest album covers in music history.

Pink Floyd, «Dark Side of the Moon»

One iconic example is Pink Floyd’s «Dark Side of the Moon» album, which features a simple yet striking prism design against a black background. The cover perfectly encapsulates the psychedelic and experimental nature of Pink Floyd’s music.

Nirvana, «Nevermind»

Another classic is Nirvana’s «Nevermind» album, with its unforgettable image of a baby swimming underwater towards a dollar bill on a fishhook. The simplicity and boldness of this image perfectly reflects Nirvana’s raw and unapologetic sound.

David Bowie, «Aladdin Sane»

David Bowie was known for his innovative approach to both fashion and music, so it’s no surprise that his «Aladdin Sane» album cover is another standout. The lightning bolt across his face against bright red hair creates an electrifying image that perfectly captures Bowie’s unique persona.

The Beatles, «Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band»

The Beatles’ «Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band» also deserves mention for its colorful and imaginative collage-style artwork featuring dozens of famous figures from history and pop culture all gathered together in one place.

Kendrick Lamar, «To Pimp A Butterfly»

Finally, Kendrick Lamar’s «To Pimp A Butterfly» features an intricate piece of artwork that depicts Lamar standing among several other people in front of what appears to be The White House on fire — making it not only visually stunning but also politically charged.

These are just some examples out there- there are countless other albums with cool covers that have become iconic over time!

Guns N Roses, «Appetite for Destruction»

One album cover that has become synonymous with rock and roll is Guns N Roses’ Appetite for Destruction. The image of a robotic hand gripping a skull against a cross-shaped background perfectly reflects the band’s edgy, rebellious sound.

Radiohead, «Kid A»

For those who prefer something more minimalist, Radiohead’s Kid A album cover features nothing but stylized text in bright colors against a black background. The simplicity of the design creates an intriguing contrast with the complex and experimental nature of the music within.

Nas, «Illmatic album»

Hip-hop fans will likely recognize Nas’ Illmatic album cover, which features a simple yet powerful photograph of the rapper as a child against his Queensbridge housing project backdrop. This image perfectly captures the raw and personal nature of Nas’ lyrics.

Wu-Tang Clan, «Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)»

Another hip-hop classic is Wu-Tang Clan’s Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), which features an ominous black and yellow logo on top of an old kung-fu movie still. This iconic image has become synonymous with New York City rap and remains one of the most recognizable covers in hip-hop history.

Bjork, «Homogenic»

For something completely different, Bjork’s Homogenic album cover features an otherworldly portrait of the Icelandic singer with her hair styled into large spikes like icicles. The striking visual perfectly complements Bjork’s unique blend of electronic and orchestral sounds.

Tyler, «The Creator»

In recent years, Tyler, The Creator has made waves both musically and visually with his vibrant and often eccentric aesthetic. His Flower Boy album cover features a colorful photo collage featuring flowers arranged to spell out «Flower Boy,» creating a whimsical yet bold statement that perfectly reflects Tyler’s eclectic style.

These cool album covers are just some examples among countless others throughout music history — each one reflecting its respective artist or genre in its own unique way.